Leone Antonio Trasporti — Logo design & identity system

Leone Antonio Trasporti is a shipping company.
They are currently based in a small city of southern Italy, Manduria.

When they came to me, they asked for a bold and recognizable identity that could inspire trust and reliability.

This is the process that brought to life the visual identity of a new-born company. Enjoy.
Create an identity from the ground-up that could be recognizable between different media.

A visual identity based on a design system that integrates a part of the logomark in all of the communication of the brand.
The Logomark

When designing the logo my goal was to make something impactful (obviously), but the most important requirement was only one: flexibility.

The singular parts of the logo needed to be interchangeable, but I don't spoil anything because I'm going to explain this in the wordmark part of the presentation.

The L reminds to the name of the company, but it also seems the end of a truck.
The logomark was born from these two simple concepts.
The Wordmark

And now let's talk about what I was saying previously about the flexibility of the logo.
The text itself can be change with lots of taglines: "Safe Shipping", "Ship Your Goodies", and so on...

Futura was the right choice for an identity like this. The geometry of the letters inspires the trust and reliability we were talking about before.

But this is not the end. It's just the beginning.
The Magic L


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